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Google Search Update, Multifaceted Featured Snippets, Search Console Changes, AdWords & More

This week we noticed a possible Google update starting on March 1st through March 2nd. Google is now rolling out what they called multifaceted featured snippets. Google said they will make property sets smarter in the new Search Console. Google said meta refresh redirects do work but they do not recommend them. Google said write on your audiences level. Google had a reporting bug in the Search Console crawl stats report. GoogleBot has issues crawling CSS Custom Properties. Googleâs fetch as Google tool can render hashbag URLs again. Google said submitting URLs they have not indexed in your current sitemap in a new sitemap wonât help. Google is expected to talk about how to make lazy loaded content search engine friendly. Google launched a fun game called Word Coach in the non-English search results. Google Adwords launched a new speed scorecard feature. Google launched, I think, the new shopping results carousel to show competing shopping search engines. Google Keyword Planner has been redesigned. The Google Dance is back in Tokyo next month. Rand Fishkin is officially out at Moz, has started a new company named SparkToro. The search community honored Dan Shure, Shari Thurow, Tadeusz Szewczyk, Michael Martinez and Linda Buquet. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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