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Search Buzz Video Recap: Bing Answers, Google Snippets, AdWords, Chrome, AMP & Search Console

This week I posted the monthly Google webmaster report, catch up quickly there. Google is now requiring AMP articles to have higher resolution images to be in the top carousel. Bing now has multi-perspective answers, which is really neat. Some are saying Google is showing fewer featured snippets in the search results, which makes no sense for me. Google may have removed the quota for the number of URLs you can request indexing for in Google Search Console. Google said do not change your sitemap file names daily. Google says even big sites can be penalized for selling links. Google dropped the tappable shortcuts in the search app. Google AdWords is cracking down on AdWords resellers. Google AdWords is testing a missed call button in AdWords. Google AdWords may have a bug with maximize conversion bidding setting. Google Search Console had an issue with AMP reporting. Google also sent out notices about low resolution favicons via Search Console. Google is testing a new snippet format for X hours ago. Google My Business is asking for when you first opened your business. Google Chrome will make all HTTP pages as not secure in July. The search community also honored Joost de Valk, Joy Hawkins, Cyrus Shepard, Paul Shaprio and Pratik Dholakiya. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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