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Google: You Can Target & Rank For Two Keywords On A Single Page

The topic of optimizing for one keyword phrase over multiple is nothing new, we covered it in 2005 and probably more times since then. Can you optimize a single page for more than one keyword phrase?
Well, Google's Aaseesh Marina said in a Google Webmaster Help thread that it is technically possible.
Question asked: "I want to target 2 keywords on a single page. Is this a good idea or should I create two different pages to target both of the websites?"

Answer by Aaseesh: "If the content on the page is relevant for both the keywords, then I don't see an issue. Make sure the content is providing useful information to user queries around those keywords."
I guess if the keyword phrases are somewhat related it makes sense but to target [medical billing software] and then [flower delivery services] on the same page seems like a bad SEO strategy.
Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.