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Max Born Quantum Mechanics Google Doodle

Max Born Quantum Mechanics Google Doodle
On the Google home page is a special Google logo, Doodle, for Max Born, a German physicist and mathematician who helped in the development of quantum mechanics. The Google logo is not just filled with math and algorithms, but you can see the wave to it because Max Born was very involved in the statistical interpretation of the wave function.
He was born a 135 years ago today on December 11, 1882 in WrocÅ'aw, Poland and died at the age of 87 on January 5, 1970. Being Jewish, he had to leave Germany when the Nazi Party came to power and went to the United Kingdom, where he took a job at St John's College, Cambridge.

He has a huge list of things he is known for including:
  • Bornâ"Haber cycle
  • Born rigidity
  • Born coordinates
  • Born approximation
  • Born probability
  • Bornâ"Infeld theory
  • Bornâ"Oppenheimer approximation
  • Born's Rule
  • Bornâ"Landé equation
  • Bornâ"Huang approximation
  • Bornâ"von Karman boundary condition
  • Born equation
Google wrote:
Today's Doodle celebrates the 135th birthday of Max Born, German physicist and mathematician who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution to the field of quantum mechanics.
Try to spot the wave function in todayâs Doodle, created by guest artist Kati Szilagyi, to honor this pioneering physicist.
For more about his life and contributions see Wikipedia.
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