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Google Defends Inaccurate Mount Agung Eruption Search Listings

Google had some inaccurate news stories listed in their top stories section in search when people Googled [agung]. Mount Agung is currently erupting, you can check out the fake photos and videos of it on Twitter if you want or read about it on Wikipedia.
The other day, Dr. Janine Krippner, a PhD in this topic, a volcanologist, complained to Google about the news results that were in the top stories section that read "Volcano warning: Mount Agung fears as extinction-causing eruption..." It is 100% a lie she said and it shows right below the SOS alert from Google. Here is the screen shot she shared:
click for full size

Danny Sullivan goes on Twitter to try to explain and defend Google for showing this fake news, here are his tweets:

So this is how the Dr. responds on Twitter:
This has been an issue, is currently an issue and will be an ongoing issue for Google. We know Google is working on it but clearly they have some way to go.
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