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Google AdWords Shopping Ads Similar Looks & Easy Checkout

PPC Hubbub on Twitter shared a screen shot with me of a feature I don't necessarily think is new, but something I don't think I personally saw. The first feature is Google is showing "similar looks" under the main Google shopping ad carousel and the second item is the "easy checkout" button in the carousel.
Similar looks can be triggered if you click on a result from the top AdWords shopping carousel and then click back. Google dynamically loaded the similar looks carousel at that point for me. The easy checkout must be coming from the purchases on Google because when you go through the process, it lets you checkout using your Google account and credit card on file with them.

Here is a screen shot of them all in one search result:
Google AdWords Shopping Ads Similar Looks & Easy Checkout
Ginny Marvin picked up on Google testing the easy checkout feature earlier this month. The similar looks feature, my gut is telling me is not new, but I can't find anything on it. So maybe it is new. Again, the only way I was able to trigger it was by clicking back after first clicking on a shopping result in Google.
Forum discussion at Twitter.